A.T design studioامیر حسین تبریزیAmirhossein Tabrizi

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Amirhossein Tabrizi امیر حسین تبریزی
Amirhossein Tabrizi

our mission

AT Design Studio is an experiential design firm that provides interior design, product design, architectural and engineering services. The AT has been involved in many residential, commercial, cultural and industrial projects.

Our office was founded by Amirhossein Tabrizi in 2009. He is a practicing architect since 2002 and he got his master’s of Restoration & Rehabilitation of Historical Monument from cultural Heritage Education Center University.

In the design process, AT Design Studio tries to find the best practical solutions adaptable to the constant evolution of contemporary life. The Solutions that lead to sustainable, balanced, and enduring structures. The AT architects and designers believe that visual qualities, functionality, detailing and choosing proper construction methods are keys to a perfect endure design.

our team

  • Kiana Karimi


    Master of Architecture at University of Houston since 2020

    Kiana Karimi
  • Aida Tabatabaee Rafei


    Master of Architecture at Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch since 2021

    Aida Tabatabaee Rafei
  • Mania Asadi

    Architect-Construction Coordinator

    Bachelor of Architecture at University of Shariati, Technical and Vocational College since 2021

    Mania Asadi
  • Parisa Ghasemian

    Architect-Visual Artist

    Bachelor of Architecture at Islamic Azad University of Hashtgerd since 2022

    Parisa Ghasemian
  • Danial Fouzouni

    Architect-Construction Intern

    Bachelor of Architecture at Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch since 2020

    Danial Fouzouni
  • Dorsa Daliri


    Master of Architecture at Islamic Azad University of Rudehen since 2022

    Dorsa Daliri
  • Nabat

    Honorary Principal

    Nabat (Our Honorary Principal) plays an important role at A.T Design Studio since 2021

  • Job Opportunities

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Job Opportunities

We are always looking for creative, responsible, energetic people from all over the country. If you are interested to join our firm, send your information and resume to us for review.


For Full-Time Employment please send your curriculum vitae (CV) and professional Portfolio to


In addition, we welcome advanced graduate or undergraduate students for Internships. Please include your information, sample of works, any letters of recommendation and the dates you are available and send it to

Limit your email attachments to 15 MB Please. because of large number of inquiries we receive, we are unable to respond to all of them or interview each candidate. We will be in touch with you if there’s an interest in your work.


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